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About Hanyu Cable Materials

   Hanyu Cable Materials Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of cable tapes for cables industry. The company has a long history of service to the cable industry all over the world.

   Hanyu-tapes company history,

   Hanyu was founded in 1982. Since the beginning, she has maintained a clear focus on the development, manufacturing and global marketing of nonwoven for industrial applications in cable industries.

   The first of twentieth century 90's, the technology of water-blocking have been taken into China, Hanyu's insulation and semi-conductive nonwoven was widely used in making all kinds of water-blockings with good ventilation, permeability, high strength, anti-mildew properties.

   Coming into the twenty-first century, Hanyu-tapes are more perfect in water-blocking tape, semi-conductive shielding tapes, flame-retardant tapes and specialty composite cable tapes with these performances.

   Due to the completely industrial production, from nonwoven fabric to laminated and composite cable tapes and quality control systems, Hanyu tapes are able to meet many different kinds of insulation, binding, water-blocking, shielding, flame-retardant performance requirements. Relying on Hanyu technology development center, Hanyu-tapes can composite with insulation, shielding, flame retardant, binding performances according to the requirements of clients. Hanyu can provide all kinds of cable tape solutions for cable tapes. Hanyu-tapes is an excellent partner with power cable, communication cable and specialty cable manufactures all over the world.